Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida really is a major dickhead

Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida really is a major dickhead.

I realize this may not exactly be breaking news for anyone who has followed DeSantis’ career, but still. (Gregg Abott of Texas is also a major dickhead, but we’ll deal with him some other time.)

On Wednesday, as was widely reported in the news, DeSantis arranged for a flight of Venezuelan immigrants to be flown to Martha’s Vineyard using Florida taxpayer funds that the legislature had appropriated for such purposes.

But these immigrants weren’t coming from Florida.

They were coming from San Antonio, Texas, where a woman named “Perla” lured them on board by telling them that they were being flown to Boston with the promise of “expedited work papers.”

Oh boy.

Now I get that Governors like DeSantis and Abbott and their constitutents are resentful at what they view as the “open border” policies of urban Democrats in New York, California and Massachusetts, and this was a clever little stunt on DeSantis’ part. Just like Abbott bussing migrants to Washington D.C. and New York City.

Unfortunately, he may have broken multiple laws in executing this clever little stunt.

But more importantly, what the fuck is wrong with these guys?

First of all, if they were serious about stemming the tide of refugees, they would be looking into the conditions in countries like Honduras and Guatemala and El Salvador and Venezuela that makes people want to flee their homes so badly.

Just like with the drug wars, you have to tackle both the supply and demand side of the equation.

Second of all, they know that the southern border is not being overrun with migrants just as almost all elected Republican office holders know that the election was not stolen from Donald Trump.

They are just shamelessly indulging in such scare tactics because it fires up their base.

Why did DeSantis target Martha’s Vineyard? Maybe because Obama has a vacation property there. Martha’s Vineyard is well known as one of the very few resort communities that has been especially welcoming of African Americans over the course of the previous decades.

The folks in the heathen paradise of Martha’s Vineyard at least did their best to welcome the refugees, who had not even had a meal.

Now, if he had a shred of decency, DeSantis would have at least notified officials on the island of what he was doing. Instead he notified the media, so that there would be coverage when the planes landed.

Again, all fun and games until it turns out that he broke federal law in doing so.

A lot of people are viewing DeSantis as the “smart” version of Donald Trump. Well, he definitely has the meanness, pettiness and shamelessness down already. Welcome to your new Republican Party.

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  1. Steve DiOrio says:

    One would think welcoming refugees from a “failed socialist state” would be right in the Republican wheelhouse. Nope, it’s Pettiness Uber Alles.

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