The Hullabaloo about Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan is really misplaced

Nancy Pelosi’s decision to visit Taiwan as part of her Asia tour created quite the hullabaloo. Especially in China.

Why did she decide to visit Taiwan?

Honestly, don’t know.

It wasn’t really explained in all the news coverage, including why Pelosi is in Asia in the first place. Pelosi may not survive her speakership past November — she might resign from Congress at that point in time — so maybe this was kind of a last hurrah for her.

In any case, China is still obsessed with Taiwan, the island province that broke away from China during their post-WWII Civil War, and became its own republic in 1949.

Yup, 1949.

That’s almost as long as the state of Israel has been in existence, which declared it’s independence in 1948.

That’s 73 years ago.

That’s older than I am, and I’m pretty old.

That’s like three generations.

At some point you might think that the Chinese regime would just accept that they’re not getting Taiwan back.

Just like at some point you might think that Vladimir Putin might understand that the Ukrainians are not Russians, and most of them don’t want to become part of Russia.

I mean, it’s not exactly like the Chinese could execute a sneak attack on Taiwan, given that the island is over 100 miles from the mainland. So the Chinese cannot do what the Russians did, which is to simply amass troops on the border, and then jump across the border unannounced.

They can saber-rattle and conduct provocative military exercises, but what are they actually going to do?

Over the last couple of days they wasted millions of dollars in a faux phallic exercise by firing a bunch of missiles into the ocean all around the island.

Well, there was a good use of resources!

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