Inflation reaches 7.4% in Germany, and yet, Joe Biden is not their President

I occasionally check on Der Spiegel, Germany’s version of Time Magazine, to see what they’re reporting on. Recently I came across the following headline:

Inflationsrate steigt im April auf 7,4 Prozent
Lieferengpässe, Corona und Russlands Krieg in der Ukraine: die Preise gehen nach oben. Im April klettert die Teuerungsrate laut Statistischem Bundesamt weiter auf 7,4 Prozent – der höchste Wert seit 41 Jahren.

Most of you probably don’t speak German, so let me translate for you:

Inflation rate rises to 7.4 percent in April
Supplychain bottlenecks, the Coronavirus, and Russia’s war in Ukraine: prices are going up. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the inflation rate climbed further to 7.4 percent in April – the highest value in 41 years.

And yet . . . Joe Biden is not their President! Somehow inflation managed to increase to 7.4% in Germany with Joe Biden nowhere in sight. Imagine that!

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