How do I feel about Elon Musk buying Twitter? Not excited.

How do I feel about Elon Musk buying Twitter? I’m not excited. That’s for sure.

I was hoping that Twitter would be able to resist the takeover attempt by this unmitigated rich asshole, but I guess when you have $44 billion to throw around, it’s hard to resist.

Musk has vowed to “unlock” Twitter’s potential by loosening what he sees as unfair restrictions on free speech. I’m not going to leave reflexively until I see what Musk actually does with Twitter.

But if that means bringing back hate speech and allowing Donald Trump, that protofascist, to come back on Twitter and spread his lies around, I’ll be leaving Twitter immediately. In that event, I hope millions will follow me out the door.

My favorite part of this story, by the way, was when Tesla lost $125 billion in valuation because of this Twitter deal.

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