All the so-called experts on Afghanistan should just sit down and shut up.

Now that the Afghani government has collapsed like a house of cards, and the Taliban are firmly in control, I hear various “experts” being interviewed on the radio or on television about what happened.

All these experts should just sit the fuck down and just shut the fuck up.

The experts could not have been more wrong about Afghanistan. It’s not just that they know nothing, they know less than nothing. Almost everything they’ve been telling us for the last 20 years has been completely wrong. And this is not a partisan issue: both Democrats (Barack Obama) and Republicans (George W. Bush and Donald Trump) have been on the wrong side of this issue. And, to give Trump some credit, he was the first President who recognized that this was an unwinnable war.

Of course, Trump completely botched the negotiations with the Taliban, by announcing his withdrawal dates way ahead of time. When Biden inherited the situation he decided to go ahead and continue the evacuation of the American military from Afghanistan. We were supposed to have until the end of August to get our people out, but the complete collapse of the Afghan military caught us by surprise.

Is this Biden’s fault? I have no idea.

The Republicans, of course, want to lay the blame for all this on Biden, even though it was there guy, #45, who initiated the whole thing.

Geesh, imagine the Republicans being hypocrites about this. It’s so different compared to how they’ve been about everything else for the last four years.

I do think that this question — why did we waste more than $2 trillion dollars and 6294 American lives over 20 years to prop up a country that had no interest in propping up itself — would benefit from a “9/11” style commission, to really get some clarity about how we could have gotten this so completely wrong.

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