It’s like Pulling Teeth Trying to get Republicans to Sign on to a January 6th Commission

It’s not much of a surprise, but Democrats are having trouble getting Republicans to sign on to a bipartisan

January 6th Commission. The Commission is being modeled after the 9/11 Commission.

Of course, the primary difference here is that on January 6th, Republicans were complicit in the insurrection, which was not true for anyone involved in the 9/11 Commission.

McCarthy had a number or specific objections, which he voiced in a letter to Speaker Pelosi he sent on February 22.

The Democrats gave him each and every one of his demands.

As Nancy Pelosi noted:

“Democrats made repeated efforts to seek a bipartisan compromise. But Leader McCarthy won’t take yes for an answer. In his February 22 letter, he made three requests to be addressed in Democrats’ discussion draft. Every single one was granted by Democrats, yet he still says no.”

Statement by Nancy Pelosi

Of course, many commentators are theorizing that McCarthy’s real objection is that he doesn’t want to be subpoenaed to testify, which is a distinct possibility.

Now it’s Mitch McConnell’s turn to object. McConnell, the undisputed prince of hypocrisy, claimed that he was “open” to the Commission on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday he (surprise!) reversed course.

“After careful consideration, I’ve made a decision to oppose the House Democrats’ slanted and unbalanced proposal for another commission to study the events of Jan. 6.”

Statement of Mitch McConnell
  • Another commission?
    • Wouldn’t this be the first one?
  • Unbalanced?
    • It would have 5 Democrats and 5 Republicans.
  • Slanted?
    • How so.

But Moscow Mitch doesn’t need a reason. He just asserts whatever he wants.

So, the Democrats will need to find 10 courageous Republicans in the Senate to break a filibuster.

Good luck with that!

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