CDC Director Rachelle Walensky is prophesizing a “4th wave” of the coronavirus.

Earlier this week Dr. Rachelle Walensky prophesized “doom” and a the eruption of a 4th wave of the coronavirus.

Dr. Rochelle Wallensky warning of “impending doom”

Fantastic, everybody!

Great work!

Earlier this week I mentioned that we really “aren’t smart enough to stay alive” as a species, and I stand by that observation.

We’re so close to the finish line, but we just can’t control our impulses.

We should be so grateful that we’re living in 2020-2021 and not 1918-1920, when the “Spanish Flu” was ravaging our planet right after World War I.

They didn’t have vaccines.

We have at least four, not including the Russian and Chinese vaccines.

So here’s what we have:

  1. The Pfizer–BioNTech vaccine.
  2. The Moderna vaccine.
  3. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine.
  4. The Oxford–AstraZeneca vaccine.

In addition:

  1. The Russians have the Sputnik V vaccine.
  2. The Chinese have the Convidecia vaccine.

Honestly, that is effing amazing!

Six vaccines, plus several others in development in countries like India and South Africa.

All that we have to do is stay patient a little longer, not open everything up, put the fire out now and not keep giving it oxygen.

That’s all we have to do.

For Christ’s sake, not even Germany (Germany!), a country famous for its orderly and efficient processes, can get this right.

People, we have to do better. I’m as tired of all of this as all the rest of you, but I’ve got one dose in my arm and will have a second one soon. When I do, I’m not going to go out and celebrate, because we’re not out of the woods yet. I will continue to wear a mask in stores or crowded settings — even though I personally will be almost completely out of danger — because stores aren’t going to know who and who isn’t vaccinated, and I want to do my part to get us out of the woods. That’s all.

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