Well, that wasn’t suspenseful in the least

When I heard that there had been three separate shootings of women at Asian “massage” parlors in the Atlanta area I thought — probably the same as you — this is guaranteed to be some ugly rat-faced sexually dysfunctional skinny little white teen-age punk.

Right on the money, of course.

Robert Aaron Long, the ugly rat-faced sexually dysfunctional skinny little white teen-age punk in question, already confessed.

Well, that takes the mystery out of that.

He also claims that it was “not a hate-crime” and that he has a sex addiction, and saw these locations as a “temptation” for him that he “wanted to eliminate.”

How about just not going there.

Apologists for our former Liar-in-Chief will claim that this has nothing to do with the environment that he procured, and environment where he blamed the Chinese for deliberately having manufactured the coronavirus in a lab in Wuhan, calling it the “Wuhan virus” and the “Kung Flu,” among other things.

And we just happen to be having a spike in anti-Asian violence at this very moment.

Eight lives, this little fucker took.

Eight lives.

Life imprisonment for this little fucker, just like Dylann Roof, his twin in multiple murders. (Although technically Roof got the death sentence which is, of course, under appeal.)

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