There is a Remarkable Story Unfolding relative to Ayanna Pressley’s Panic Button

There is a remarkable story unfolding relative to Ayanna Pressley’s panic button. Ayanna Pressley is the bald black congresswoman from Boston (she has alopecia areata) who is also a member of “The Squad.”

CBS Boston

This, in conjunction with the suspicious tours of the Capitol which took place on January 5th — after tours had largely been suspended since March and the beginning of the pandemic — create a very strong presumption that this was partially an “inside job,” with potential participation by certain members of the Capitol Police and even Republican Congresswomen (particularly the gun-toting pistola Lauren Boebert and the QAnon-supporting Marjorie Taylor Greene).

There could be some serious head-rolling.

And a couple of expulsion from Congress.

Apparently Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had a harrowing afternoon during the riot — which she has not yet completely disclosed — but an afternoon during which she literally thought that she was going to lose her life.

In some ways the failed coup attempt could have a strong silver lining, in that it may be that it has (and will continue) to flush out traitors and seditionists among the Capitol Police and members of Congress.

No wonder Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was so unusually restrained in his remarks during the impeachment vote.



Not with traitors in our midst.

And again, the traitors aren’t even fighting for any kind of principle. They are only fighting for the “big lie,” the preposterous and completely unsupported notion that Donald Trump won the Presidential election.

If he had won, what would they have gotten? The courts are already packed with conservative judges, taxes are already obscenely low, regulations have already been rescinded, and the pandemic has already been mismanaged.

What more could conservatives possibly get from a Trump term?

The other thing that has been flushed out into the open is white supremacists, who had previously been hiding, at least partially, because abject, open racism used to be considered to be in “bad taste.”

Not anymore, my friends.

I’ve previously written about Rebecca Solnit and her observation that the relationship between progressives and conservatives is now like an abusive relationship, where we’re scrambling to appease them even though it was they who hit us in the face.

I mean, the primary reason Trump was elected was because he was the “FU” President. His whole mission was to piss off the liberal snowflakes. Anyone who had even a passing understanding of his biography knew that a Trump presidency would end the way that it’s ending now.

But this attempted coup may flush most of the traitors out. And the ones who haven’t yet been flushed out may well reveal themselves in the protests scheduled for this weekend and on inauguration day, both in Washington D.C. and in capitals around the nation. 

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