How is it that China is planning to test 11 million people in 10 days, and we’ve only tested 400,000 in Massachusetts?

I find it remarkable that China has announced that it plans to test 11 million people in 10 days after some new covid-19 cases were detected in the city of Wuhan, where the infection orginated.

How are they able to do that when we’ve only been able to test about 400,000 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts since the beginning of April?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts. An epicenter of the medical and pharmaceutical industry in the United States and, frankly, the world.

They can test 11 million, and we can barely test 400,000?

How is that possible?1

  1. Let me point out that we actually have a pretty good Governor here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Former health care executive Charlie Baker, although nominally a Republican, is probably the polar opposite of President Trump. An understated technocrat and former boy wonder, Baker’s decision making is mostly driven by science.

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