We’ve normalized things which are definitely not normal under the Trump administration.

You may have read or seen the news that the Justice Department has overruled its professional prosecutors in recommending jail time for Roger Stone, the sleazy consultant and lobbyist who has long been a personal favorite of President Drumpf. In November of last year Stone was convicted on seven counts, including witness tampering and lying to investigators, in relationship to the Mueller investigation.

Being over-ruled by their own Justice Department caused all four federal prosecutors working on the case to withdraw, and caused one to just outright resign from his position.

Federal prosecutors simply don’t get over-ruled by their own Justice Department because of a tweet from the President. That has never happened before, and it will almost certainly never happen again.

If this had happened under Obama, Republicans would be ready to impeach Obama right now. Just for that alone.

In fact, there are dozens and dozens of things that Trump has done that, if Obama had done them, Republicans would be screaming holy murder and preparing their impeachment articles.

So, here’s the thing. Republicans are welcome to support the President’s economic policies (which seem to be working, kind of, against all notions of common sense) or his deregulation initiatives (which are likely to cause lasting damage to the environment) or even his xenophobic immigration policies. But if they support this President’s non-policy related actions — his trying to strong-arm Ukraine, his firing federal employees who responded to subpoenas, his twitter tirades or his overriding the wishes of federal prosecutors — then they will only have themselves to blame when the next Democratic President feels totally unbound by the traditional rules of engagement.

No one is going to believe them in the future when they complain about a violation of the rules or that the President wasn’t following established procedure.

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