Shame on all the Republicans who claimed impeachment would restrain Donald Trump

Shame on all the Republicans who claimed impeachment would restrain Donald Trump, especially you, Susan Collins. Collins claims to be a moderate and an independent voice. She is so full of shit.

Every time she has the chance to do the right thing and make a difference she does the wrong thing. Collins had the indecency to claim that she thought Trump had learned his lesson after impeachment and that he would be restrained.

Any thinking person who is even a casual observer of Trump knew that wasn’t true. As if to prove just how wrong people like Collins are, Trump went out last week and fired Colonel Alexander Vindman, and his twin brother,1, and then fired Gordon Sondland, who only contributed $1 million to Trump’s campaign before being named the Ambassador to the EU.

Oh yeah, Trump is really restrained now.

Of course, Trump firing these people for testifying is a violation of the Whistleblower Protection Act, so those who are waiting for Trump to be impeached for doing something illegal, well, here it is. If Trump gets re-elected (possible), the House remains Democratic (likely) and the Senate flips (unclear at this point), we could have a 2nd impeachment and maybe a conviction as well.

And Susan Collins, the same moron who voted for Brett Kavanaugh believing that the allegations against him had not been proved, and that he would sustain Roe v. Wade (we’ll see), that faux moderate in sheep’s clothing, so deserves to be voted out of office.2 Sara Gideon, anyone?

  1. The twin brother Yvgeny, of course, had nothing to do with the testimony of his brother Alexander, but he was unceremoniously shown the door as well.
  2. Now she’s apparently walking back her ludicrous claim that Trump had learned his lesson and would be chastised and restrained. Collins is admitting that may have been more “aspirational” on her part. No shit, Susan. Not aspirational. Just stupid.

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