Sean Spicer received an extra dose of Humiliation

I’m no fan of Sean Spicer, the first Liar-in-Chief for President Trumpelstiltskin, but it did seem like he received an extra dose of humiliation for being given that day-glo “Puffy Shirt” to wear on the Season Opener for the 2019 season of Dancing with the Stars.

Spicer has a lot of balls to show up on Dancing with the Stars to begin with. Trumpelstiltskin is not out of office yet, and the wounds of his administration have not begun to be healed yet. (That will take years after he leaves office.) He’s hardly the first Conservative to show up on DWTS — remember Bristol Palin? — but he is the one most likely to be humiliated.

Well, I hope he has fun dancing with Lindsay Arnold, who is a sweetheart, a cutie, and a very good dancer. That may be the only ballast for his future humiliation. (I’m predicting that he doesn’t last long on the show.)

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