One could hardly find a less charismatic person or a more legalistic communicator than Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller may be a marine hero and well-regarded former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but appearing in front of Congress he just seems nervous and rigid. One could hardly find a person who is less charismatic. Unlike President Obergroppenführer (the Divider in Chief), who is a natural and relaxed communicator, Mueller seems evasive, defensive, and unnecessarily legalistic.

Well, this is the guy we wanted, this is the guy we got.

In the hearings this morning, we were reduced to the spectacle of:

  • Democrats reading from the Mueller report and asking Mueller if what they had read was correct.
  • Republicans attacking Mueller because of the supposed bias of his team, or because of a false allegation that the whole investigation was predicated on the Steele dossier. (It was not.)

Anybody who isn’t a die-hard political wonk (like I am) would have tuned out a long time ago, concluding that Mueller is a stiff and all the Representatives are on the make.

It would be pretty hard to follow unless you had already been following all along. Or had already read the report.

Now the most ridiculous part of this whole scenario is Mueller’s claim that a 2010 Office of Legal Counsel opinion that argues that a sitting President cannot be indicted because of the way it would interfere with the functioning of the executive branch.

Does the OLC memo mean that President Drumpf could kill Melania in broad daylight and not be indictable because that might be a distraction to the Presidency?

Mueller’s report was going to be pre-ordained, regardless of how much evidence his team found of criminal activity. If you read the report, it’s clear that Mueller’s team found at least 10 instances where President Drumpf either obstructed justice or attempted to obstruct justice.

It’s far from an exoneration of his behavior.

Drumpf’s apologists will continue to lie about the conclusions of the report, and continue to claim that the whole investigation was predicated by the Steele Dossier and should therefore be invalidated.

Propaganda, pure and simple.

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