A literal “Sophie’s Choice” at the Border

Here is where we’ve come to: we now have a literal “Sophie’s Choice” at the border with Mexico. To make a long story as short as possible, NPR reported on Monday about a three-year old girl named Sofi, who has a heart condition. She was examined by a doctor, who confirmed that this young girl had already had a heart attack.

The border patrol agent in charge gave the little girl a choice: pick one parent to stay with her (and her two siblings) while the other parent has to return to Mexico to wait for the asylum claim.

A three year old is supposed to make the decision which parent gets to stay and which one has to go.

Seriously America?

When the little girl began to cry as the father was being taken away, the border agent told her that she said she wanted to go with Mom.

Seriously America?

In the United States. In 2019.

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