Two of the least likely place on Earth for mass murder

Two of the least likely place on Earth for mass murder would have to be Norway and New Zealand. And yet in 2011 we had the mass murder of the children of Labor Party members in Norway, and now a few days ago we had the mass murder of Muslims at two mosque’s in Christchurch New Zealand.

“God” help us all.

Both were conducted by deranged young men who fervently believe in the doctrine of white supremacy. The guy in New Zealand was actually an Australian, inspired by the guy from Norway.

“God” help us all.

The Australian guy managed to live stream his attack on Facebook for 17 minutes before the platform finally took his live-stream down. Facebook received a lot of criticism for needing 17 minutes to stop the live stream, and maybe that’s fair and maybe it isn’t fair. I don’t have enough knowledge of the technology involved to make a judgment on that.

“God” help us all.

The guy in Norway can only be held for 27 years because that’s the longest sentence that can be imposed in Norway. Really, if there’s any justice, somebody will assassinate this asshole as soon as he’s released from prison. Maybe that would send a message to the white supremacists.

“God” help us all.

Both of these idiots left behind incoherent “manifestos”. The one from the Norwegian guy was 1518 pages long and “borrowed” liberally from the work of other idiots. The one from the Australian was mercifully only 70 pages long, but equally incoherent, and “borrowed” liberally from the Norwegian guy.

“God” help us all.

The Australian guy cited President Trump as “a symbol of renewed white identity.” “President” Deny Everything Liar-in-Chief, of course, declared that this had nothing to do with him or his hate-filled rhetoric demonizing Muslims and immigrants.

“God” help us all.

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A disturbed citizen and skeptic. I should stop reading the newspaper. Or watching TV. I should turn off NPR and disconnect from the Internet. We’d all be better off.
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