How we know that Trump will never resign of his own accord

Here’s how we know that no matter what else happens, Donald J. Drumpf fill never resign the Presidency of his own accord: he gets way too much attention while being President.

Michael Cohen, in his testimony last week, confirmed what every educated person already knows: Trump never intended to be President and Trump never expected to be President. He intended to use his presidential campaign to raise his profile so that he could be more of a sought after blabbermouth on Fox News, and so that he could burnish his “brand.” And maybe launch his own TV channel.

Now exhibit #1 relative to how much Trump loves the presidential attention is his appearance over the weekend at the CPAC Conference where Trump carried on for two hours and twenty minutes.

By all accounts the speech was a tour-de-force of rambling, incoherent grievances and digressions from topic, or what Trump believes (and he might be right about this) got him elected.

I had argued previously that when Trump realized how much work being President really is, he might resign of his own accord. But that’s not going to happen. Trump spends hours every day watching TV — when he’s not golfing at one of his clubs — and has clearly proven that you can actually be President without having to work hard.

Take that Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama!

But the attention you get while President. It’s second to none. They play a fucking song when you walk into the room! That’s never going to happen again. Of course, like an aging prize fighter Trump will stay too long, and all the investigations that are currently underway will catch up to him. Once he’s no longer President he may even be indicted. In the meantime, he’s sowing the seeds of the Republican party’s eventual self-destruction.

Have fun while it lasts President Liar-in-Chief, because once the party’s over, you (and your acolytes) are going to have the biggest hangover in the history of the world!

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