Trump & Kim Jung Un II not likely to bring anything more than Trump & Kim Jung Un I

Back in June of 2018 President Moron-in-Chief met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un in Singapore. Republicans were swooning at the time, and suggested that maybe President Moron-in-Chief should be eligible for the Nobel Prize.

I wrote at the time that if Trump could formally get the United States and North Korea to make peace [1] and could get North Korea to denuclearize, maybe he should be eligible for the Nobel.[2]

Of course, Trump, the great conman got conned by an even better conman. Kim promised a lot of things, but nothing fundamental has changed. As all the experts predicted.

In the meantime, Trump went off the deep end by declaring at a rally in September that he and Kim had “fallen in love” because of the “beautiful letters” that Kim had written him. (I mean seriously, if someone like Obama had ever said that, the Republicans would have had a collective apoplexy.)

Then, news came out last February that the White House had asked Japanese Prime Minister Shinto Abe to nominate him for the Nobel. Abe may have done so, but when asked to confirm by the Japanese parliament Abe refused, hiding behind the Nobel Committee policy of not disclosing who has been nominated until 50 years after the fact.

Then, news came out last week from the Nobel Committee itself that on two occasions — once this year and once last year — someone had forged an application on Trump’s behalf with the Nobel Committee.

What is this obsession on the part of Trump with the Nobel?

Obama has one.

I have argued before that Obama didn’t really deserve his Nobel and mostly received it for “being President while black.” But Trump is so obviously seething with envy. He hates everything Obama (and other have argued because Obama is everything that Trump will never be).

Here are three things you can bet on:

  • Trump will never receive a Nobel.
  • Regardless of what happens in Vietnam, Trump will claim victory.
  • Kim Jong Um will not give up his nuclear weapons.

Other than that, Trump’s latest tryst with Kim Jong Un is just a charade. But it makes for some good visuals.

[1] Remarkably enough, even though the Korean war ended in 1953 – so about 66 years ago – the United State and North Korea have never formally made peace.

[2] North Korea has a very different idea of what “denuclearization” means. The Americans think that it means that North Korea should denuclearize unilaterally. North Korea thinks that it means that the entire peninsula should be cleansed of nuclear weapons.

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