Only in America: tiger found in a Houston home

This morning I came across the following headline in my hometown newspaper: Pot smokers find caged tiger in abandoned Houston home.

In brief the story indicated:

  • Some local goombahs in Houston went into an abandoned house to smoke pot.
  • Inside they found a Tiger in a cage.
  • The Tiger was well fed (thank God) but the cage was secured only by “a nylon strap and screwdriver.” The tiger could easily have busted out.
  • Our smokers actually had the good sense to call the police.
  • The tiger was “taken to an animal shelter and will be transferred to an undisclosed animal sanctuary in Texas.”

The story also noted (1) it’s legal to own a tiger in Texas if the owner has a wild game permit, but (2) notwithstanding all of that, it is illegal to have a tiger in Houston.

Only in the effing United States would it be legal to have a tiger in your effing home.

When these idiots abandoned their house, didn’t they think to themselves, gee, maybe we should do something about the effing tiger.

This is why the United States will always be on the fringes of the Wild West. God help us if some crazy precious “freedom” might be compromised in some way. Like not owning 47 guns and a bunch of bumpstocks.

No wonder we voted for a malignant narcissist and deluded Überclown like Donald J. Drumpf.

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A disturbed citizen and skeptic. I should stop reading the newspaper. Or watching TV. I should turn off NPR and disconnect from the Internet. We’d all be better off.
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