Picking a fight with the world’s richest man

If there’s one guy I wouldn’t pick a fight with, it would be the world’s richest man. Literally. Currently, that man is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.com.

The man picking a fight with him is the aptly named David Pecker — or as he will be known in the rest of this post, David Peckerhead — who has already been embroiled in previous scandals. [1]

Peckerhead is the publisher of the National Enquirer, among other magazines, and he has long been in a pissing contest with Bezos, who also happens to publish the Washington Post. Peckerhead objects to the way that Post has gone after his friend, President Donald J. Chickenshit, among other things.

For his part, Bezos has had some personal issues surrounding his marriage. In short order:

  • Bezos recently separated from his wife MacKenzie after many years of marriage.
  • During the separation, Bezos apparently had an affair with Lauren Sanchez, a media personality and news anchor.
  • The National Enquirer apparently went after Bezos, and published news articles about his affair with Sanchez.
  • Unhappy about these publications, Bezos asked his own investigators to find out how the Enquirer had gotten the information about Bezos’ affair with Sanchez.
  • In return, the Enquirer threatened to publish several embarassing and sexually suggestive photos of Bezos and Sanchez unless Bezos specifically disavowed the notion that the Enquirer had come after him for a politically motivated smear campaign.

Oh boy!

I wouldn’t threaten the World’s richest man with that kind of stuff unless I had a fool-proof plan for how to get away with it. David Peckerhead does not.

Bezos — who decided that Peckerhead had not made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse — decided to go public with the story on his own blog. Bezos has now formally accused Peckerhead of attempted extortion.

Good luck with this one, Mr. Peckerhead. Unlike your pal, President Donald J. Chickenshit, Jeff Bezos really is the richest man in the world. He can come after you with unlimited resources. He’s going to be able to lawyer you to death.

And, as the richest man in the world, he can continue to bolster the Washington Post while it goes after your pal, President Donald J. Chickenshit.

I wouldn’t want to be you this morning, David Peckerhead!

[1] Pecker was the guy who engaged in “catch and kill” operations on behalf of his friend, one President Donald J. Chickenshit, to bury the stories of his affairs with Stormy Daniels and Karen MacDougall.

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