Donald Drumpf’s plodding State of the Union

On Tuesday night, after a week’s delay, Donald Trump delivered his 2nd State of the Union Address to the nation. He started right out with a rhetorical lie: that the state of our union is strong. I think what he meant to say, what he should have said is that the state of our disunity is strong. All the more so because he’s our moron President.

Truthfully, I couldn’t listen to his plodding voice drone on for an hour and twenty minutes. Never worse than when he reads from a teleprompter, Trump initially made the required rhetorical appeal to bipartisanship that every President is required to make.

Yeah, sure, blah, blah, blah.

Donald Trump will never be bipartisan, he will always be and remain a partisan asshole, his defining characteristic.

As reported by NPR — and different news outlets had slightly different takes on it — the most significant takeaways from the speech were:

  • Trump didn’t acknowledge the new political reality in Washington;
  • Trump was as schizophrenic as he always is;
  • Trump once again lied about things like the “migrant caravan”;
  • Trump claimed (in his usual modest way) that if he weren’t President we’d be at war with North Korea right now;
  • Trump is still obsessed about getting his (mostly symbolic) wall;
  • Trump went back to the Cold War bogeyman and tried to claim that the Democrats are looking to install “socialism” in the United States (back then it was “communism”);
  • and Trump crowed about how well women have done under “his” economy, prompting a lot of the new female Democratic lawmakers to let out a “Bronx cheer”.

Stacey Abrams, the almost was and certainly should have been Gubernatorial candidate in Georgia, did pretty well with a message focused on voting rights. No major snafus on her part.

So, we have another week for the two sides to negotiate about Trump’s border wall before we face another potential governmental shutdown. Oh what fun!

Nancy Pelosi got to smirk at Trump, and Trump (because he doesn’t know better) forget to give her the chance to introduce him.

I spent the time Trump was speaking watching the Celtics beat Cleveland and nursing my two kittens, both of whom became eunuchs yesterday. A much better use of my time than watching the orange moron speak.

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