Rest assured, Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed

For those of you wondering if Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed: despite this morning’s circus, you can be assured he will be confirmed.

All of the so-called Republican moderates (looking at you Susan Collins, Jeff Flake and Lisa Murkowski), useless as they are, will vote for Kavanaugh. John McCain is dead (and he probably wouldn’t have been any help anyway). And a few spineless Democrats will vote for Kavanaugh (Joe Machin and Claire McCaskill, for example).

As Barack Obama famously said, elections have consequences. This will be one of those times. Of course, Trump (who wouldn’t recognize a constitutional amendment if one were sent to him in a greeting card) will have had almost nothing to do with this. No, this is the work of the Federalist Society, which is why it will be a big victory for Republicans. Unlike so much of the other shit engineered by President Trump and his administration.

It’s amusing to hear Aholes like Orrin Hatch imploring us to “take the politics” out of it when the entire point of his nomination is politics.

Will Kavanaugh overturn Roe v. Wade? Maybe, maybe not. People thought that Clarence Thomas would overturn Roe v. Wade, and it didn’t happen. Of course, we might not get that lucky a second time.

Maybe Roe v. Wade should be overturned, so that the youth of America can figure out what we’ve been fighting about for all these years, and why voting is really, really, really important.


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