Sorry America, Trump gets his Pick Regardless

In the last week I’ve been hearing arguments that Trump should not get a Supreme Court pick while he’s under investigation. That argument has been made by Corey Booker, for example, and is premised on the notion that there could be a conflict – such as about whether the Mueller investigation has the power to force Donald Trump to testify – and that conflict might end up before a Supreme Court with a couple of justices who feel personally loyalty to Donald Trump.

Sorry folks, that doesn’t work.

First of all, that would have meant that Bill Clinton would never have had the chance to pick a justice.

Second, all that would engender is that the opposition party would create an investigation so that the President couldn’t pick a justice.

We’ve already seen how much an opposition party can manufacture unnecessary investigations by watching how many investigations Republicans created about Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Also, the fact that we’re within four months of a mid-year election is also not a good reason to not allow the President to choose a justice. Appointments should be made, and the Senate should weigh in, in the ordinary course of business.

As Barack Obama famously said, elections have consequences.

Oh yes they do. And lots of conservatives voted for Trump precisely because they thought he would reshape the Supreme Court.

What happened with Merrick Garland is that Mitch McConnell, that feckless Machiavellian fucker, just stole Obama’s pick. If a Senator could be impeached, McConnell should be the first up.



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