WTF, Eric Schneiderman?

It came as a bit of shock when, at the beginning of the week, I found out that crusading Attorney General Eric Schneiderman had suddenly resigned from his office because of accusations from four women with whom Schneiderman had had personal romantic relationships with that he had been abusive in those relationships.

What the fuck, Eric Schneiderman?

This is the same Eric Schneiderman who has been championing the Me-too Movement, prosecuting Harvey Weinstein, and taking on Donald Trump over and over again, including for his sham Trump University.

That Eric Schneiderman?

Schneiderman claimed that he had engaged in consensual “role playing” in the intimacy of his own personal relationships. The women claimed he had just assaulted them.

I believe the women.

Two of them have identified themselves as of this writing: the blogger and activist Michelle Manning Barish, and the author and actor Tanya Selvaratnam.  Two have not.

So, as readers of the blog know, I have frequently outed Republican hypocrisy under the heading “Our Hypocrisy is not like Theirs.” But not in this case.

If there is any man who should have known better, Eric Schneiderman is that man.  Not only did he victimize four women, but he completely undermined the things that he was fighting for.

What the fuck was he thinking?

And what is it with being the Attorney General of New York? This path – crusading reformer hoisted up by his own penis – is one that was previously tread by Eliot Spitzer, who eventually had to resign when it was discovered that he had been frequenting a “high class” prostitute by the name of Ashley Dupré.

What the fuck, Eric Schneiderman?

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