“Little” Marco Rubio is running for Re-Election after all


In all the hullaballoo about the “Brexit” and what it means for the rest of the world, here is a small surprise that shouldn’t be a surprise: “little” Marco Rubio, after pledging not run fun for re-election, has decided to run for reelection after all.


The Republican leadership, especially Mitch McConnell, have been pressuring to run again. They don’t want to lose the Senate after all, given that they’re almost certain to lose the Presidency.


It’s not like this couldn’t happen with a Democrat, but Democrat’s generally don’t pledge not to run for re-election. Term-limits, lest we forget, is a Republican idea.


I hope he loses for being a hypocrite, and that his loss in Florida pivots the state Democratic, and that makes up the difference in swinging the Senate back to the Democrats. It would be a just outcome.

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