Our Hypocrisy is not like Theirs, Part 8

Here’s a rich one: last week there was an article about how Donald Drumpf was accusing Elizabeth Warren of hypocrisy for buying foreclosed homes. The allegations were essentially that Warren bought or helped finance two dozen properties in Oklahoma for various family members over about two decades.

Really? So what?

These accusations are from the same guy who for whom we have audio recorded in 2006 for his now-defunct Trump University venture in which Drumpf remarks, with respect to the real estate bubble bursting that “I sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy” property and “make a lot of money.”

You can hear him saying it here.

Drumpf might even have made a lot of money if he were a better businessman. He launched Trump mortgage in 2006, right before the bubble did burst, and it was one of his many failed businesses., along with Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, and of course Trump University.

With respect to Warren’s dealings, on the other hand, news accounts recorded the following:

About half the homes were properties that Warren’s older brother and nephew, both construction workers, either renovated themselves and sold at a profit or managed as rental units, according to a Warren aide. The others were bought for various members of her family, including a $50,000 house she purchased for her parents who lived in it until they died. Warren, at different points, also financed homes for other family members, including her older brothers David and John, along with two of John’s children. Records show that at least two of the properties were purchased out of foreclosure. Warren’s family held on to one of them for 13 years before selling it for $26,000 more than the purchase price. The other was lived in by the family for more than six years and extensively renovated, according to an aide, before it was sold for $85,000 more than the purchase price.

So, it seems to me, that Elizabeth Warren was trying to do was to help out her family. Clearly she has been by far the most successful of her lot, and she used her purchasing power a little bit to leverage some properties for the rest of them.

That is so different from Donald Drumpf, the billionaire real estate investor, who has clearly demonstrated over and over again, that he cares not a whit for the “little people,” but only cares about himself.

Our hypocrisy is not like theirs. Sorry America.



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