It’s Still 239 days to the General Election and I already have an acute case of Trump fatigue

It’s still months from the General Election, and I already have an acute case of Trump fatigue. It’s still almost eight months – 239 days to be exact – until the November 8th Presidential election date, and I’m already completely burn out on hearing about this blow hard. Good luck to me.

A friend of mine who is a therapist posted something on Facebook that I had to follow up with her on: it turns out that a number of therapists and their clients are joking about “Trump Stress Disorder,” or TSD. If Trump becomes President, we could be joking about “President Trump Stress Disorder,” or PTSD.

Now, this is not yet a real thing. But it could become one. I mean, parents are already having trouble figuring out how to talk with their children about Trump’s candidacy. That is a real thing. NPR recently ran a story about it. So President Trump Stress Disorder can’t be far behind.

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