You heard it here first: Joe Biden for Vice President

Somebody asked me the other day who Hillary should pick for Vice President. (I know, I know, Hillary hasn’t won the nomination yet.) One of the first obvious choices could be Martin O’Malley, who is a much better Presidential candidate than people think.

O’Malley is a very qualified guy with good positions. Policy-wise, he actually occupies the ground between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, although he hews closers to Clinton’s positions. Eight years from now – having gotten his feet wet in a first round on the national stage – O’Malley could be a great choice for President.

But this year, Bernie Sanders has “taken all the oxygen out of the room.” Just like Trump on the political right.

But there is another guy that Hillary could ask: Joe Biden.


I know, I know, you think I’m daft. Why would Biden want to be Vice-President again? And I don’t know that he would.

But think of it: in this year where politics makes no sense at all, this could make sense. Biden did Hillary a huge favor by deciding not to run. He’s still hugely popular. He still wants to matter. He and Hillary have an excellent relationship, and to the degree that Hillary would be a continuation of the Obama Presidency – and there is good reason to see it that way – he would be an ideal choice to maintain that continuity.

I know, I know, it’s not really likely. But if it does come to pass, remember where you heard it first. Right here at the A1Skeptic blog!

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