Will Trump’s kids look back in embarrassment at this?

Back on November 20, 2015, Barbara Walters interviewed Donald Trump’s four children on one of her 20/20 specials. The kids are Donald Jr., Ivanka,[1] Eric and Tiffany. Three of them are in the business with the Donald; the fourth is a senior in college.[2]

The kids are articulate and actually seem reasonably nice, if a little entitled. It appears that the Donald actually did a reasonably good job in parenting these kids, as much as he was involved (and who knows how much that was). That’s about the kindest thing I can say about the Donald these days.

In the interview, Barbara asked the kids whether they were ever embarrassed by the things the Donald has said. They claim that they are not – at least not back in November – and you can see that part of the interview at 5:27. Boy, I can imagine they will live to regret that. Walters further asked the kids whether there was something about him that they would change, and Ivanka volunteered that she wants him to “eat healthier.” That part of the interview is at 6:16. I can imagine these poor (or not so poor) kids cringing in embarrassment when they look back on this interview and what they allowed themselves to say with a straight face.

You can see the interview on YouTube here.

[1] One of the more interesting things that I read about Ivanka, the Donald’s eldest daughter, is that back in 2008 she converted to Judaism after falling in love with and marrying businessman and investor Jared Kushner.

[2] Donald’s fifth child, Barron William Trump, was only born in 2006 and is too young to be part of the business . . . yet! I hope this kid won’t need to spend years in therapy when it’s all said and done.

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2 Responses to Will Trump’s kids look back in embarrassment at this?

  1. This verges on child abuse …

  2. humansays says:

    I wonder if the response in Ivanka’s head was “for him to stop making creepy comments about me”

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