Oh Canada, is it too late for New England to Secede?


Syrian refugees being greet by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

While we’ve all been up in arms about Donald Trump and his disgraceful proposals to single out Muslims for maltreatment, a little story appeared today that our neighbors to the north – that would be les Canadiens – are preparing to receive the first plane load of Syrian refugees. Not only are the Canadians promising to take up more refugees than we are – 25,000 as opposed to the 10,000 that we have agreed to take – but in the Provinces, every single one of their Provincial Governors is on board with taking them in.

That stands, of course, in stark contrast to our situation down here, where virtually every Republican Governor has either refused outright or placed obstacles in the path.

Oh Canada, is it too late for New England to secede and join your union to the north?

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3 Responses to Oh Canada, is it too late for New England to Secede?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, oh Canada! Go Canada!

    ( Here in Vermont we already have a small movement to Seced: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Vermont_Republic )

  2. lyart says:

    I am with you

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