Only in America (because he was asked not to smoke)

I was in Berlin, Germany last week for Thanksgiving — more on that later — and while browsing the Internet I came across this story:

Mississippi man guns down Waffle House waitress after she asks him not to smoke.


“Johnny” Mounts, waffle house hero

Think about it.
A waffle house waitress.
Because she asked him not to smoke.

And I thought to myself, “only in America.” That is the kind of story that really can only come out of the United States, the America that we all know and love. No one in Europe would ever think of doing this.

I mean, some people in Europe will gun you down for the sake of their incipient caliphate, but that’s a completely different story. We call those people Muslim extremists and associate them with Al Queada or ISIS/Daesh. But no one would gun you down in a waffle house for being asked not to smoke.

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  1. jakester48 says:

    Most people on this side of the Atlantic find the US gun control situation beyond belief.

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