All the “Christian” Republican Governors who want to refuse Syrian Refugees

There has been a somewhat sad spectacle as we see a slew of Republican Governors – and one Democrat – not accepting Syrian refugees in the wake of the Paris bombings. Even Charlie Baker, our moderate throwback Republican Governor here in Massachusetts, has fallen into this trap.

2015-11-18_mapNever mind that Governor’s are not legally empowered to refuse to accept refugees. The federal government’s authority pre-empts in these matters.

Some commentators are noting the irony of these “Christian” Governor’s refusing to accept Syrian refugees, and how that’s “not what Jesus would do.” Indeed, many Bible passages call for Christians to “welcome the stranger.” Matthew 25:41-43, for instance, says that “we cannot say to those in need, you are not our problem.”[1]

The reason for their concern: a Syrian passport that was found near the body of one of the men who carried out the Paris attacks. The passport is probably a fake.

However, it is obviously also true that ISIL or other terrorist organization could try to smuggle some of their own in with the Syrian refugees. But here’s a news flash: it’s not that hard to get into this country.

Want proof? Nineteen out of the 20 hijackers who participated in the September 11 attacks had absolutely no difficulty getting here. And given how difficult it actually is for refugees to get to Europe – never mind to the continental United States – it’s far more likely that would be terrorists trying to get here would do what most of them have done, which is to simply fly here with fake documents, or maybe fly to Canada with fake documents, and cross the completely undefended border between Canada and the United States to get here.


[1] But then, if I had a nickel for every act of Christian hypocrisy, I would be a rich man indeed.

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  1. a1skeptic says:

    It’s not that often that the Catholic Church is on the right side of an issue, but this is one of those times:

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