Mitt Romney was a Proud Papa to Paul Ryan


There was an article on last week, when Paul Ryan was sworn in as the new Speaker of the House, that was actually kind of sweet. It was about how Mitt Romney, who had chosen Ryan as his Vice Presidential Nominee, was sitting as a kind of “proud Papa” during Ryan’s swearing in ceremony.

The article went on to argue that “Ryan’s election is also an endorsement of the Romney wing of the Republican party, with its emphasis on policy nitty-gritty and, above all, mutual respect.”

The whole thing was kind of sweet, except it was about . . . Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!


Sorry, I haven’t come so far that I can get the least bit sentimental about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

But if the article is correct, it is actually kind of a good thing. Because Romney is, if nothing else, someone who can be reasoned with. In contrast to the members of the Republican TeaParty.

We’ll see how it all works out. After all, Ryan now has the job he says that he never wanted. And as I noted recently, there is an irony in Ryan wanting to go back to his family in Wisconsin every weekend, and voting against family friendly policies.

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