This is what happens when a bunch of Amateurs run one branch of your Government

If you were ever curious about what would happen when a bunch of amateurs run one branch of your government, look no further than the Republican House of Representatives, where Speaker-to-Be Kevin McCarthy just resigned from consideration for the post because the Teaparty wing was likely to block his nomination.


House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy

Not that the Teaparty has a prayer of getting one of their own guys elected.

Former Vice-Presidential Candidate and Republican Pretty-boy Paul Ryan doesn’t want to touch it with a 10 foot pole.

So, my friends, this is what happens when you have a bunch of outsiders (read: amateurs) running one branch of your government.

Like Ben Carson. Or Carly Fiorina. Or — wait for it — Donald Trump.

The cure for this, according to the Republican faithful is, of course, more amateurs.

Why don’t we just have the whole place run by a bunch of no-nothing uncompromising ideologues, until the whole thing grinds to a halt.

Yeah . . . there’s an idea!

But this is the wisdom of the people in 2016 America. It’s what happens when you listen to too much Right-Wing Talk Radio and drink too much Kool Aid.

God help us all. (Except, there is no God, and she ain’t helping in any case.)

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