Why is Hungary opposed to Syrian Migrants?

One of my complaints about news reporting is that often it gives your a repetion of certain facts without any understanding of why is something happening.

For example, why is Hungary so assiduously opposed to European migrants crossing the country on their way to Austria and Germany?

We keep getting breathless reports from the media how Hungary is building a fence, or has put up barbed wire, and how the poor migrants are trying to sneak under the barbed wire. We have pictures of migrants being confronted by Hungarian border guards, or trekking down railroad tracks to avoid Hungarian road blocks.

But WHY is Hungary so opposed to migrants?

After all, Hungary is not the desired destination for any of them really. They’re just trying to get through the country.

It would be nice to get a little expert analysis on this question from the media. That’s their job, isn’t it? Not just to report unrelated facts, but occasionally to analyze what’s actually going on.

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  1. My thoughts everytime I watch the news nowadays..

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