Yesterday was 9/11 and I had basically forgotten about it.

Yesterday was 9/11 and I had basically forgotten about it. Not completely, but I hadn’t remembered until I saw stuff on the news. I think that’s basically a good thing. It’s been 14 years now. We’ve had this one dramatic attack and a few smaller ones since then, but as somebody noted yesterday, it didn’t become a big pattern and we haven’t had major attacks on a regular basis since then.

That’s a good thing.

It’s hard to comprehend the scale of what happened back in 2001. As with anything that is massively large. I lead to read stories like this one, a very human story of these two lovely young sisters missing their mother.

It’s the story of Ryan and Casey McGowan, both now students at Boston College, who lost their mother, Stacey Sennas McGowan, on September 11th.

I can’t quite imagine what that’s like. Although Stephen Colbert lost his father and two brothers in a plane crash, and Joe Biden lost his wife and one year old daughter in a car accident. And more recently he lost his son “Beau” to cancer, an event that Biden discussed with restrained emotion on a recent Late night with Colbert episode.

And so it’s gone for many other people. They just aren’t as public. These are small tragedies, much less well known, mostly involving no one who will ever be famous.

But I feel for these sisters. How hard that must have been.

I’m glad that 9/11 is receding into history a little bit, and that we can slowly move on to other things.

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  1. kurtdoesnyc says:

    I was sitting at work and got an email about road closures. ‘What the hell…’ I thought, then I realized that next day was going to be 9/11 and I live in NYC

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