Don’t Give Up: an example of really good music

Every once in a while I come across a really nice piece of music, and so it is here, with P!nk, John Legend, and Herbie Hancock doing a haunting version of Peter Gabriel’s superb song, “Don’t Give Up.”

This isn’t about politics.
This isn’t about science.
This isn’t about religion.
This isn’t about law.

It’s just about music.

Really good music.

I love it when jazz artists sit in with popular artists and take something to the next level, as Herbie Hancock does here. Joni Mitchell has done this often, by having people like Wayne Shorter, Brian Blade, Jaco Pastorius and others sit in with her.

Herbie Hancock, naturally, did a whole album devoted to the music of Joni Mitchell. And it won a Grammy Award.

Jazz albums never win Grammy Awards, except you know, in special jazz categories.

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