It isn’t even sporting to talk about the hypocrisy of Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis

There have been articles posted in the press this week noting that Kim Davis, the clerk in Rowan County Kentucky who still refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples even though a federal court has ordered her to — and the Supreme Court has denied her appeal — has been divorced three times and had two children while she wasn’t married. She even married the same man twice.

But Kim has now turned apostolic, and has invoked “God’s authority” to justify her refusal to issue the licenses.

Making Kim Davis out to be a hypocrite is like shooting fish in a barrel. It isn’t even sporting. According to Biblical teaching, she should have been stoned to death for her 1st divorce.

And again for her 2nd divorce.
And again for her 3rd divorce.
And again for each child that she had out of wedlock.

But there is no arguing rationally with these people. They pick and choose their battles not based on the actual content of the Bible — as ass backwards as that content may be — but on the basis of their own personal feelings, which they subsequently justify by cherry-picking Biblical verses.

The more Christian they claim to be, the more likely the are to actually be hypocrites.

So let’s all relax and hope that Kim doesn’t become a major martyr for the cause. She doesn’t deserve it. Don’t throw her in jail, just issue her fines. Eventually the pressure will get the better of her.

And if it doesn’t, go to another county for now to get your marriage license. Pretty soon, Kim Davis will be yesterday’s news.

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4 Responses to It isn’t even sporting to talk about the hypocrisy of Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis

  1. humansays says:

    I can’t deny that I am always intrigued (and exhausted) by the in-depth knowledge of God’s authority one minute then by the puzzling “I can’t speak for God”/”humans cannot understand God’s reasons/intentions because he is superior” statements the next.

    You are absolutely right – with people like Davis, it’s really about using religion to justify their behavior.


  3. creativeboho says:

    I agree with you, really she should just be fined and fired. That’s it. If she’s not willing to do her job duties for ALL, then she should be verbally warned, written up and then finally, fired. She doesn’t need all this attention, she probably likes it. Great post, she will soon and hopefully be yesterdays news.

  4. a1skeptic says:

    Kim Davis thinks that she’s like Rosa Parks. But as some others have pointed out, she’s actually like the bus driver trying to deny Rosa Parks a seat.

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