The Legislature is seeking an answer to $259,000 cancer drugs

The Boston Globe published an article recently about how some drug manufacturers are pricing their drugs into the stratosphere. The article observed:

Last month, a group of prominent doctors and scientists objected to a $259,000 annual price set by Boston’s Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. for a new cystic fibrosis drug. The same week, in a medical journal, more than 100 leading oncologists protested a rise in cancer drug prices.

Are they kidding me? $259,000 annually for a drug?

Yes, of course, pharmaceutical companies should be allowed to make a profit, but $259,000 annually for a drug?

Somewhere, some time ago, we lost our value system. We lost our sense of values that anyone would think that this is okay.

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  1. foywminson says:

    Do they really sell them at those prices, or is that just the cost they claim they have to have, but then drop it down, because they are humanitarians. They still charge outlandish prices, but not so high that none one can pay them. And the people who need the drugs, those that can pay the reduced price, anyway, are ever so grateful for the reduction. There’s got to be a better system.

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