Why Martin O’Malley is attacking Bernie Sanders

Here’s an interesting why Martin O’Malley is attacking Bernie Sanders, and not Hillary Clinton.  First of all, let’s remember that on the Democratic side there are four declared Presidential candidates –Hillary Clinton, Lincoln Chafee Martin O’Malley and Bernie Sanders.

On the Republican side, there are already 14 declared candidates, and another four expected to declare in the near future. In short, it’s a zoo over on that side.

Now, O’Malley and Sanders both are mining the ground to the left of Hillary Clinton, and there’s plenty of space over there.

Sanders, who looks like everyone’s favorite mad uncle, is doing surprisingly well in the polls. Like the rest of us, he’s Howard Beale from Network: he’s mad as hell, and he’s not going to take it anymore. It’s resonating with us.

Plus, New Hampshire is a neighboring state to Vermont, where Sanders is from.

So O’Malley is taking shots at him for his tepid stance on gun control. But I don’t think it’s going to buy O’Malley much. Vermont is a hunting and fishing state, and people like to have their hunting rifles. It’s not like Sanders has voted in favor of assault weapons or kowtowed to the NRA.

Bernie tweeted back with some jabs at O’Malley for using his SuperPAC to run an attack ad. Bernie doesn’t have a SuperPAC, and I’m not sure he could have one if he wanted one. Who would fund it?

In the meantime, Hillary Clinton reminds me more and more of Martha Coakley, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

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  2. While Gibson and RNS scratch their heads and wonder how this came about, here’s a hint:

    Both Bernie Sanders and Liberty University apparently share an interest in getting away from the media’s drooling obsession with sexual issues.

    Good for them.

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