The first and only time I will agree with Karl Rove

If you know me at all, you will know that this may be the first and only time that I will agree with Karl Rove.  He called Donald Trump “a complete moron.”

And the feeding fest was on. weighed in with their 10 stories about Donald Trump you won’t believe are true. informed us that Donald Trump hired paid actors to attend presidential launch event.

The Daily Banter had their 10 quotes from Donald Trump’s speech that show he’s totally ready to be president.  Including this gem on how he would fix the website:

“We have a 5 billion dollar website. I have so many websites … I hire people. They do a website. It costs me three dollars.”

The DailyKos was so wound up, they led with four stories related to Donald Trump:

But the gang that really couldn’t contain themselves was the gang at the Daily Show.

Jon Stewart and the staff at the Daily Show are practically peeing in the pants at the announcement that Trump is running for President. They’re calling it a “gift from Heaven” for the last six weeks of Stewart sitting in the anchor chair. And who can argue with them?

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