Berlin, Seventy Years Ago

Some of you may remember that Friday May 8th was Victory in Europe Day, the 70th anniversary of the unconditional surrender of what remained of the Nazi Regime in Germany. The Second World War really was the war to end all wars — at least in Western Europe, if not necessarily in the rest of the world. One can’t imagine the Germans ever going to war with the French again. Or the Spanish with the Italians. Or the Dutch with the Belgians. Or the Norwegians with the Swedes. Or really, any country in Western Europe with any other country, or really with any country in Eastern Europe outside of Russian (unfortunately!).

The movie on the Berlin channel, above, is a 30 minute drive around Berlin in July of 1945, and should be a reminder to us all what the aftermath of war looks like. Which is not pretty. Americans haven’t had a war on their own soil in 150 years. There is nothing glorious or enobling about war. It just destroys people’s lives. And this little movie is a reminder of that.

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  1. Something that amazes me is how the USA has become friends with Germany and Japan, nations that not all that long ago were mortal enemies of the States.

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