So Bland I Thought it was a YouTube Commercial

The other day I was searching for Hillary Clinton’s official campaign announcement video on  YouTube. As may of you know, a lot of YouTube videos start off with an advertisement before you can get to the substance of the video.

So, I found the video and started watching. I thought it was an ad for something else. A very bland ad. About 90 seconds into it, I finally figured out . . . this isn’t an ad before the video, this is the actual video of the announcement. Holy smokes was it boring! I mean, I know Hillary wanted to adopt a humble posture and wanted to avoid seeming entitled, but this one was really a snoozefest.

Isn’t there something inbetween? Like humble and interesting?

In any case, I’m sure there will be lots more to say about the Hillary campaign as it unfolds. Stay tuned folks!

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2 Responses to So Bland I Thought it was a YouTube Commercial

  1. I thought the same thing. I get the whole keeping it understated aspect, but I’m wondering if they went a little too far with it.

  2. Me three! I started and stopped the video twice thinking I had somehow made a mistake. Not only that, her little speech at the end lacked luster. I’ve never been thrilled with her, though I like her well enough. But hearing someone with her background saying that she is the one to pull for the less wealthy never hits my ears well. And the line about getting ahead…getting ahead of who? The only ones the middle-class can get ahead of are the disastrously poor or other middle-class people. I know I’ll probably end up voting for her, but this did not make me excited to do it at all.

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