Who are they Electing in Fredrick County MD?

So in Fredrick County, Maryland, we have a Council Member who does not know that a newspaper does not need his “permission” to publish an article about him. He apparently does not even know that he is a public figure. Even if he weren’t a public figure, the newspaper still would not need his permission to publish an article. However, a private person can sue a newspaper for libel if it negligently misreports material facts that harm that person’s reputation. A public figure, on the other hand, has to prove actual malice before a libel case would be actionable under the standards of New York Times v. Sullivan. The The Frederick News-Post, which is the newspaper that published the article, is practically goading this guy to sue them.

Sounds like they are electing some morons out there in Fredrick County.  I’m looking at you, Kirby Delauter.

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