Curt Schilling is debating evolution on Twitter. Seriously?

If you are or ever have been a Red Sox fan you will always honor Curt Schilling for the “bloody sock” game that brought us past the Yankees in 2004, and ultimately reversed the curse in the 2004 World Series. But it’s been all downhill for Curt from there. First there was the  38 Studios fiasco, in which Curt received $75 million in loan guarantees to move his video game production company from Massachusetts to Rhode Island. Proving that you can be a Republican and a terrible businessman at the same time, Curt still managed to run that company into the ground, along the way seeking a complete bail-out from the state of Rhode Island. And badmouthing the Governor when he wouldn’t agree.  Then he got mouth cancer, the result of using smokeless tobacco for 30 years. Now he’s out there debating the theory of evolution on Twitter.

Seriously Curt?

On Twitter?

First of all, evolution is no more a “theory” than the “theory” of gravity. It’s an established scientific fact. There are details of how evolution works that are still evolving (pun intended), just as with every scientific theory. Just as man’s contribution to accelerating climate change is an established fact. (Again, some of the details of how much and how fast are still open to debate. But not the principle.) Conservatives are so unhappy with established science, that they’ve created an alternative to Wikipedia — the Conservapedia — just so they can promote their screwball theories as legitimate science. It isn’t.

Give it up, boys. Curt, if you don’t believe in evolution, stop using antibiotics. Evolution is the only way those can work. Better yet, just stay off of Twitter altogether. As great a baseball pitcher as you were, you are an equally great moron in real life.

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  1. kaymerchant says:

    Any time someone wants to argue evolution, they pull out that line, “It’s the THEORY of evolution, not the FACT of evolution.”

    Believe that all you want, and while you are at it, turn down every bit of science that is present in you life. Let’s see how well you do from there.

    Great post!

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