Driving While Black in a BMW

In view of this being the Martin Luther King Holiday, there was a shocking story reported on the Turk about how in 2014 a black woman was essentially arrested for driving in a BMW in New York City, and ended up in a mental hospital.

In New York City.

I don’t know if this story is true, but I have no particular reason to doubt that it’s true. Here are the essentials: the woman was driving in her own BMW, and was “dancing” in her car while stopped at a light. A cop arrested her, because she did not “have her hands on the steering wheel.” While stopped at a light.

She was eventually released but had to come back to retrieve her car, which had been impounded, at which time she was arrested again and sent to a mental hospital. This woman is a banker who works on Long Island, and President Obama followed her on Twitter. Allegedly, the staff at the mental hospital tried to get her to deny:

  1. That she was a banker
  2. That she owned the BMW
  3. That President Obama follows her on Twitter.

And then, after her release from the hospital, they sent her a $13,000 bill.

If any part of this story is even remotely true, there is a black banker in New York City who is about to get a giant payday after her attorneys settle this case for her.

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2 Responses to Driving While Black in a BMW

  1. BonnieK says:

    I hope it’s true and I hope she gets an eight figure settlement.

  2. lyart says:

    unbelievable, really

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