Here’s something you don’t have too often: a genuine feel-good story about a Football Player

I don’t really follow the NFL, except casually, and I don’t watch much football except the occasional Patriots game. But today I came across a nice story involving Warrick Dunn.

Honestly, I don’t really even know who Warrick Dunn is. I think he is or was a running back for some team.

Warrick Dunn surprising Kimberly Lofton with a new home.

In any case, it turns out that his charity has been providing homes for single mothers. A story that I came across on my FB feed told about how this guy’s charity had bought it’s 139th home to donate to a single mom.

That is a lot nicer story than Ray Rice slugging his fiance in an elevator, or the Patriots maybe or maybe not deflating footballs, or Roger Goodell not knowing his ass from his elbow. You would think that maybe it would get a little more play in the news, no?

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