Everyone in the operating room was a woman, except for me.

Last week I was in the Newton Wellesley Hospital to have my thyroid removed.

  • My surgeon was a very capable and skilled woman, who did a fantastic job with the operation.
  • My anesthesiologist was a woman as well.
  • In fact, as I was laying in the operating room about to go under, I realized that out of the dozen or so people in the room, not a single one was a man.

Except for me, of course.

That’s got to be saying something. I just found that to be very, very interesting.

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A disturbed citizen and skeptic. I should stop reading the newspaper. Or watching TV. I should turn off NPR and disconnect from the Internet. We’d all be better off.
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3 Responses to Everyone in the operating room was a woman, except for me.

  1. and now imagine if the world was run by women…

  2. lyart says:

    used to be, that caring staff tended to be female, doctors were male. but now finally women take to the cutting edge, too 😉

  3. foywminson says:

    Look! Look! Another crack in the glass ceiling!

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